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DWT specializes in the world renowned 1964-1973 Ford 4-speed toploader transmission. Dan started inSouth Florida buying, selling and repairing used toploaders back in 1967. A year later a transmission shopwas established to rebuild toploaders. Soon afterwards, the DWT parts department was organized. Whentoploader parts were discontinued at Ford and toploaders parts became scarce, a decision was made atDWT to manufacture their own parts.

DWT has now been involved in toploader remanufacturing and the toploader parts business for over 50years. Dan and the DWT company has devoted a lifetime to the incredible Ford toploader transmission.(All the wonderful things you heard about the Ford toploader and Ford 9’’ rears are true.) Our companyalways strives to build the best toploader transmissions and manufacture the highest quality partspossible.

We are the largest manufacture of new toploader parts. We are also, the largest stocking warehouse fororiginal Ford new and used toploader parts. Many of these parts have been obsolete for decades. If youhave any problem locating these parts, we will be happy to offer you any service or assistance. Our officehours are from 12 noon until 12 midnight , Monday through Friday. If you don’t see the toploader partsyou need listed, please call us. We are always manufacturing, searching for and acquiring more toploaderparts.

The best way to buy parts would be with a Visa or Master Card. We also accept company and personalchecks on mail orders. All checks need to clear before shipping. Please make all checks payable to DanWilliams. This is the only way that works for us.


D.W.T offers the most complete kit on the market which includes high quality S.K.F. input and outputbearings, our DWT ultra-high quality bronze blocker rings, the best money can buy, Vinton “O” rings,DWT countershaft, all “C” springs, case plug, FEL-PRO gaskets, name brand input and output oil seals,Clevite tail bushing,S.K.F input, cluster and reverse needle bearings, small parts kit, Dupont thrustwashers, Tremec set screws, Stewart Warner air vent, all long and short D.W.T synchronizer inserts,Cleveland Spring Co. detent springs, G.M.- EOS assembly lube, brush, Seymore Cast Blast spray paint,Dorman magnetic drain plug and complete rebuilding instructions. 25 pages of pictures, instructions,diagrams and toploader rebuilding advice. All the parts in our kit are absolutely the best parts available,the one’s we like, use and recommend. Please compare the high quality of our rebuild parts with other kitson the market. Dan loves high quality parts that work perfect every time, so we only use the best partsavailable cost is never a factor.


DWT offers a Road Race version of our Master Rebuild Kit. This kit also includes a set of our specialDWT Road Race bronze rings. The finest rings ever produced and A pair of S.K.F. Ultra HighPerformance Road Race bearings, the cost is only $35.00 over the standard rebuild kit. If you are seriousabout Road Racing, do not pass up this kit. The Road Race kit is our absolute best deal. We highlyrecommend this kit. This is the only kit we use at the DWT transmission shop. Rebuilding a toploadertransmission is a once in a lifetime event, so why not use the absolute best parts possible?


Kit includes input, cluster and reverse needle bearings, all snap rings, thrust washers, all spacers, detentsprings, speedometer ball, dowel pins, case plug, 3 “O” rings, front & rear seals, tail bushing, gasket set,4 “C” springs, all long and short synchronizer inserts, 3 set screws and complete rebuilding instructions.

When you buy the DWT rebuild kit, you get DWT with the kit. If you have any questions, problems, donot understand anything in the instructions, not sure about something, need advice, answers, want to talkabout transmissions at 3am in the morning, please call us. Help is just a phone call away.


260 - 289 5 bolt block 1963 - 1965 C3AA - 6394 - C Aluminum
289 - 6 bolt block 1965 - 1967 C5DA - 6394 - A Aluminum
289 - 302 1968 C8AA - 6394 - A Aluminum
302 1968 - 1969 C8AA - 6394 - B Iron
302 1969 - 1973 C5AA - 6394 - B Aluminum
351 - Winsor and Cleveland 1969 - 1970 C5TA - 6394 - A Iron
351 - Winsor and Cleveland 1971 DITE - 6394 - AA Iron
351 - Winsor and Cleveland 1972 - 1973 DITA - 6394 - AA Iron
390 - 406 - 427 1963 - 1964 C3AA - 6394 - A Iron
390 - 427 - 428 11” clutch 1965 - 1967 C5AA - 6394 - A Iron
390 - GT 11 1/2” clutch 1966 - 1969 C60A - 6394 - B & D Iron
390 - GT - 428 CJ 11 1/2” clutch 1968 - 1969 C80A - 6394 - A Iron
390 - 428 11” clutch 1969 C9AA - 6394 - C Iron
428 - CJ 11 1/2” clutch 1970 C60Z - 6392 - C Iron
429 - 11 1/2” clutch 1969 - 1970 C9AA - 6394 - D Iron
429 - Boss after 2-2-70 1970 C9AA - 6394 - E Iron

NOTE: Bellhousings need to be 6 1/4” deep. 6 3/4” deep will not work.Avoid all 6 3/4” deep bellhousings.


The Ford Toploader Transmission was introduced in 1964 to replace the Borg Warner T-10. This is thesuper-tough transmission built by Ford Engineers to stand up to just about anything demanded from it.Internal parts of the toploader are assembled through the top of the case instead of through a side cover,thus the name “Toploader”. This design is actually stronger than a 4-speed box with a side cover. Theshifter rails are mounted in bosses that are cast into the box itself, leaving the only function for the topcover to keep the lube inside.

The toploader 4-speed transmission is of the fully synchronizer type with all gears except the reversesliding gear being in constant mesh. All forward-speed changes are accomplished with synchronizersleeves instead of sliding gears. The synchronizers will enable quicker shifts, greatly reduce gear clash,and permit down-shifting into any forward-speed gear while the car is moving. All forward-speed gears inthe transmission are helical type, however the reverse sliding gear & the exterior of the first & second-speed synchronizer sleeve are spur-type gears.

In first-speed, the first & second-speed synchronizer sleeve is moved rearward by the shift fork. Thesleeve engages the first-speed blocking ring, which acts as a cone clutch applied to the freewheelingfirst-speed gear. This action speeds up or slows down the first-speed gear to match the speed of the outputshaft. Further movement of the sleeve locks the first & second-speed synchronizer hub to the first-speedgear by the means of internal splines. On engagement of the clutch, power flows through the input shaft &gear to the meshed countergear and thence to the first-speed gear. This gear transmits the power throughthe locked synchronizer hub to the transmission output shaft. All the other forward-speed gears are inidler motion as they are all driven by the countergear (cluster gear), but they do not transmit powerbecause they are not locked to the output shaft. All the forward-speed shifts are made in the same manneras the first-speed shift, due to the constant mesh features.

The toploader was used in production from 1964 to 1973 on almost every model Ford car and a fewforeign cars. A 1 1/16” input shaft was used with motors from the 200 c.i. to the 390 c.i. while the 427,428, and 429, used a large 1 3/8” input shaft. The 427, 428, and 429 were available only with close ratiogears. While the 1 1/16” input transmissions were available in both close and wide gear ratios.

The gear box was built in 3 case lengths. The 1964-5 Fairlane, T.V.R., Griffith, and Sunbeam Tiger caseis 25 1/2” long. The AC Cobras with 427 & 428, all Mustangs, Falcons, Comets, Cougars and 66-67Fairlanes use 24’’ transmissions, while full size cars and the 428 & 429 Cyclone & Tornio use the 27”transmission. The 1964 toploader uses a small 4 hole maincase with the small outside diameter bearingretainer. 1965-73 cases were wide 8 hole cases with the large outside diameter bearing retainer.

In the first 91 days of toploader production, a few transmissions used a 25 spline output shaft whichproved to be defective. These were quickly dropped from production. Normally, all motors200 c.i. - 390 c.i. use the 28 spline output shaft. All 427, 428, & 429 motors use the 31 spline outputshaft. There are a few exceptions to the above information.