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DWT specializes in the world renowned 1964-1973 Ford 4-speed toploader transmission. Dan started in South Florida buying, selling and repairing used toploaders back in 1967. A year later a transmission shop was established to rebuild toploaders. Soon afterwards, the DWT parts department was organized. When toploader parts were discontinued at Ford and toploader parts became scarce, a decision was made at DWT to manufacture their own parts.

DWT has now been involved in toploader remanufacturing and the toploader parts business for over 50 years. Dan and the DWT company has devoted a lifetime to the incredible Ford toploader transmission. (All the wonderful things you heard about the Ford toploader and Ford 9’’ rears are true.) Our company always strives to build the best toploader transmissions and manufacture the highest quality parts possible.

We are the largest manufacture of new toploader parts. We are also, the largest stocking warehouse for original Ford new and used toploader parts. Many of these parts have been obsolete for decades. If you have any problem locating these parts, we will be happy to offer you any service or assistance. Our office hours are from 12 noon until 12 midnight , Monday through Friday. If you don’t see the toploader parts you need listed, please call us. We are always manufacturing, searching for and acquiring more toploader parts.

The best way to buy parts would be with a Visa or Master Card. We also accept company and personal checks on mail orders. All checks need to clear before shipping. Please make all checks payable to Dan Williams. This is the only way that works for us.


D.W.T offers the most complete kit on the market which includes high quality S.K.F. input and output roller bearings, our DWT ultra-high quality bronze blocker rings, the best money can buy, Vinton “O” rings, DWT countershaft, all “C” springs, case plug, FEL-PRO gaskets, name brand input and output oil seals, Clevite tail bushing,S.K.F input, cluster and reverse needle bearings, small parts kit, thrust washers, Tremec set screws, Stewart Warner air vent, all long and short D.W.T synchronizer inserts, Cleveland Spring Co. detent springs, G.M.- EOS assembly lube, brush, Seymour Cast Blast spray paint, a hard plastic dummy shaft, Dorman magnetic drain plug and complete rebuilding instructions. 30 pages of pictures, instructions, diagrams and toploader rebuilding advice. All the parts in our kit are absolutely the best parts available, the one’s we like, use and recommend. Please compare the high quality of our rebuild parts with other kits on the market. Dan loves high quality parts that work perfect every time, so we only use the best parts available, cost is never a factor.


DWT offers a Road Race version of our Master Rebuild Kit. This kit also includes a set of our special DWT Road Race bronze rings. The finest rings ever produced and A pair of S.K.F. Ultra High Performance Road Race roller bearings, the cost is only $35.00 over the standard rebuild kit. If you are serious about Road Racing, do not pass up this kit. The Road Race kit is our absolute best deal. We highly recommend this kit. This is the only kit we use at the DWT transmission shop. Rebuilding a toploader transmission is a once in a lifetime event, so why not use the absolute best parts possible?

When you buy the DWT rebuild kit, you get DWT with the kit. If you have any questions, problems, do not understand anything in the instructions, need advice, want to talk about transmissions at 3am in the morning, please call us. Help is just a phone call away.


260 - 289 5 bolt block 1963 - 1965 C3AA-6394-C Aluminum
289 - 6 bolt block 1965 - 1967 C5DA-6394-A Aluminum
289 - 302 1968 C8AA-6394-A Aluminum
302 1968 - 1969 C8AA-6394-B Iron
302 1969 - 1973 C5AA-6394-B Aluminum
351 - Winsor and Cleveland 1969 - 1970 C5TA-6394-A Iron
351 - Winsor and Cleveland 1971 DITE-6394-AA Iron
351 - Winsor and Cleveland 1972 - 1973 DITA-6394-AA Iron
390 - 406 - 427 1963 - 1964 C3AA-6394-A Iron
390 - 427 - 428 11” clutch 1965 - 1967 C5AA-6394-A Iron
390 - GT 11 1/2” clutch 1966 - 1969 C60A-6394-B & D Iron
390 - GT - 428 CJ 11 1/2” clutch 1968 - 1969 C80A-6394-A Iron
390 - 428 11” clutch 1969 C9AA-6394-C Iron
428 - CJ 11 1/2” clutch 1970 C60Z-6392-C Iron
429 - 11 1/2” clutch 1969 - 1970 C9AA-6394-D Iron
429 - Boss after 2-2-70 1970 C9AA-6394-E Iron
429 - 460 1969 - UP D7TA-7505-AD Iron

NOTE: Bellhousings need to be 6 1/4” deep. 6 3/4” deep will not work. Avoid all 6 3/4” deep bellhousings.


The Ford Toploader Transmission was introduced in 1964 to replace the Borg Warner T-10. This is the super-tough transmission built by Ford Engineers to stand up to just about anything demanded from it. Internal parts of the toploader are assembled through the top of the case instead of through a side cover, thus the name “Toploader”. This design is actually stronger than a 4-speed box with a side cover. The shifter rails are mounted in bosses that are cast into the box itself, leaving the only function for the topcover is to keep the lube inside.

The toploader 4-speed transmission is of the fully synchronized type with all gears except the reverse sliding gear being in constant mesh. All forward-speed changes are accomplished with synchronizer sleeves instead of sliding gears. The synchronizers will enable quicker shifts, greatly reduce gear clash, and permit down-shifting into any forward-speed gear while the car is moving. All forward-speed gears in the transmission are helical type, however the reverse sliding gear and the exterior of the first and second-speed synchronizer sleeve are spur-type gears.

In first-speed, the first and second-speed synchronizer sleeve is moved rearward by the shift fork. The sleeve engages the first-speed blocking ring, which acts as a cone clutch applied to the free wheeling first-speed gear. This action speeds up or slows down the first-speed gear to match the speed of the output shaft. Further movement of the sleeve locks the first and second-speed synchronizer hub to the first-speed gear by the means of internal splines. On engagement of the clutch, power flows through the input shaft and gear to the meshed counter gear and thence to the first-speed gear. This gear transmits the power through the locked synchronizer hub to the transmission output shaft. All the other forward-speed gears are in idle motion as they are all driven by the counter gear (cluster gear), but they do not transmit power because they are not locked to the output shaft. All the forward-speed shifts are made in the same manner as the first-speed shift, due to the constant mesh features.

The toploader was used in production from 1964 to 1973 on almost every model of Ford cars, some high performance general motors cars and a few different foreign cars. A 1 1/16” input shaft was used with motors from the 200 c.i. to the 390 c.i. while the 427, 428, and 429, used a large 1 3/8” input shaft. The 427, 428, and 429 were available only with close ratio gears. While the 1 1/16” input transmissions were available in both close and wide gear ratios.

The gear box was built in 3 case lengths. The 1964-5 Fairlane, T.V.R., Griffith, and the Sunbeam Tiger cases are 25 1/2” long. The AC Cobras with 427 and 428 motors, all Mustangs, Falcons, Comets, Cougars and 66-67 Fairlanes use 24’’ transmissions, while full size cars and the 428 and 429 Cyclone and Tornio use the 27” transmission. The 1964 toploaders use a narrow pattern 4 hole maincase with the small outside diameter bearing retainer. 1965-73 cases are wide pattern 8 hole cases with the large outside diameter bearing retainer.

In the first 91 days of toploader production, a few transmissions used a 25 spline output shaft which proved to be defective. These were quickly dropped from production. Normally, all motors 200 c.i. - 390 c.i. use the 28 spline output shaft. All 427, 428, and 429 motors use the 31 spline output shaft. There are a few exceptions to the above information.


DWT has a 10 page supplement for the 1964-1965 Falcon and Comet transmission that covers the maincase, mainshaft, bearing retainer, tailhousing, shifter, and shifter installation kit. Please contact DWT for a FREE copy.


DWT Has a guide that covers the bellhousing, transmission, tailhousing, shifter and mount. Please contact DWT for a FREE copy.


There are 133 different toploader transmissions. To order parts, we must know the HEH or RUG tag information, the gear ratio, year of the car, transmission length,the first three case and tailhousing casting numbers, engine size and number of splines on the output shaft, NOTE: if the transmission has a 28 tooth 2nd gear, it is a 2.32 close ratio transmission. If it has a 31 tooth 2nd gear it is a 2.78 wide ratio transmission. To order shifters, the first three casting numbers on the tailhousing would be most important. To order speedometer gears, we need to know the first three tailhousing casting numbers, rear end gear ratio and the tire size, also if your car is equipped with a factory Steward Warner speedometer adapter. NOTE: We do not have parts for T-5, T-10, 3-speed, Muncie, Dagenham, Automatics, Mexican overdrives, etc., only toploader 4-speed parts.


We can ship parts and transmissions to any address that you provide to us. You need to provide a address where someone will be available to receive your shipment. If you will be away on vacation, you will be at your job all day, if you live in a neighborhood where crime is especially bad, or if you live in a apartment or housing complex where packages are dropped off at the mailboxes out in the parking lot. It would be a good idea not to have anything shipped to these locations. Instead provide a alterative address. If you have a relative, neighbor, girlfriend, or retired person that will be home all day. Or you can have your shipment sent to your or your wife’s place of employment or the shop working on your car. Any safe location, Barber Shop, Auto Parts Store, Hardware Store, Etc. that will receive and hold your shipment for you. We can also send your shipments to the UPS terminal closest to you and have UPS hold the shipment for customer pickup. If we send the shipment and the carrier delivered the shipment then we both did our part. You need to do your part and provide a safe location to receive your shipment. Our goal is that your shipment from DWT arrives safely with no problems. At DWT we know the correct way to pack shipments. If there is any shipping damage to your package you will need to contact the carrier ASAP to inspect the damage.


Before buying a used Toploader, call D.W.T. with the HEH or RUG tag information, the first three casting numbers on the tail housing, the first two numbers on the main case and how many teeth are on 2nd gear, 28 or 31 teeth. It also would be a good idea to count the output shaft splines. We can help you, call us before you buy the transmission, not after. A lot of people call after they bought a three speed Toploader, a Mexican overdrive, a Dagaham or a Borg Warner T10 transmission or just the wrong Toploader transmission. We can advise you if you are buying the right or wrong transmission, or what it will take to make the wrong transmission work in your car or project. Call us, it won’t cost you anything. We are here to help you get the right transmission.


First Gear ratio
w/Stock 32 tooth
First Gear ratio
w/DWT 33 tooth
First Gear Second Third Fourth Reverse First Gear
Close Ratio: 2.32 1.69 1.29 1.1 2.32 2.40
Wide Ratio: 2.78 1.93 1.36 1.1 2.78 2.90


We have used parts available, cases, main shafts, tail housings, gears, ect. Call for availability and prices.


If you have the wrong tail housing or main shaft for your car D.W.T. can fix this problem. Don’t try putting that Galaxie transmission in your Mustang. You most likely will be doing a few thousand dollars of damage to the car. We see this all the time. Instead call D.W.T. We have every tail housing and main shaft in stock. You won’t need to destroy your car putting in the wrong transmission. You can trade in your wrong tail housing and main shaft for the correct parts.


If you need help, advice or have any questions, please contact DWT, we are here to help you get your toploader back in new condition. We sincerely appreciate your patronage.


206 East Dogwood Drive • Franklin, North Carolina 28734

Phone - 828-524-9085 • Office 828-349-9125 • Fax 828-349-9125


Any Toploader Transmission Large or small spline.
Road Race Kit $185.00
Standard Kit $150.00


Reverse Sliding Gears $50.00
1st Gear - stock 32 tooth, 2.78 and 2.32 ratio $100.00
1st Gear - stock 32 tooth with bronze bushing installed $125.00
33 tooth 1st Gear with bronze bushing installed $150.00
33 tooth 1st Gear 2.90 gear ratio when used with a wide ratio transmission
33 tooth 1st Gear 2.40 gear ratio when used with a close ratio transmission


4th Gear 1 3/8” large input $175.00
4th Gear 1 1/16” small input $150.00
3rd Gear 25 tooth $100.00
2nd Gear 31 tooth $100.00
3rd and 2nd close ratio gears with bronze bushing installed $125.00
Counter Gear - 30 - 24 - 21 - 15 tooth count $200.00


4th Gear 1 3/8” large input $175.00
4th Gear 1 1/16” small input $175.00
3rd Gear 25 tooth $100.00
2nd Gear 28 tooth $100.00
3rd and 2nd close ratio gears with bronze bushing installed $125.00
Counter Gear - 25 - 21 - 18 - 15 tooth count $200.00
We also have a very large quantity of used like new original ford close ratio counter gears in stock $150.00


24 inch long 28 spline $200.00
24 inch long 31 spline $200.00
25 inch long 28 spline $200.00
27 inch long 28 spline $200.00
27 inch long 31 spline $200.00
We also have a very large quantity of used like new original Ford main shafts in stock. $175.00


The defective 25 spline main shaft is an extremely dangerous part.
Do not use this shaft. If you have one of these shafts please contact DWT for some free 25 spline main shaft information.


1st + 2nd Gear $150.00
3rd + 4th Gear $125.00
Assemblies include Inner Hub, Outer Hub, two C Springs and three inserts


DWT nodular iron.
1964 and older small O.D. CO type for large or small spline inputs $65.00
1965 and newer large O.D. C5 and C6 type for large or small spline inputs $50.00
Installed Small input bearing retainer seal $5.00
Installed Large input bearing retainer seal $10.00
DWT has a very large quantity of like new used original ford 1965 and newer large O.D C5 & C6 type bearing retainers for 1 1/16 small spline inputs. These fit 289, 302, 351, and 390 motors. All bearing retainers are hot tanked, glass beaded, and inspected for any defects, also a new seal is installed and a new gasket is supplied. $40.00


These are the rings that work - The best of the best $12.00


DWT large counter shaft $35.00
DWT small reverse counter shaft $25.00


High quality S.K.F. input and output bearings $30.00
Ultra high quality S.K.F. Road Race bearings $45.00


1-2, 3-4, Reverse
DWT has a large supply of like new original Ford forks in stock. Your Pick $50.00


When Ford sold a competition 4 speed toploader (White Stripe) for quarter mile drag racing, road racing, and stock car racing. There were a few things that Ford did different on these racing transmissions from stock transmissions, There were 12 different optional gear ratios available, A Stewart Warner air vent was installed in the tailhousing and a bronze bushing was installed in the gears to prevent gear seizure problems. Think of this as a bearing between a connecting rod and a crankshaft on a motor. This is a wonderful idea that worked great. DWT now has the exact bronze bushing that ford used on their racing toploaders. We made a large quantity of bushed gears that are available from DWT. Don’t miss the boat on these gears. You can have the Ford style bushed gears in your transmission for $25 each over the cost of the stock gears.


Green drive gears $55.00
Black, yellow or pink drive gears $30.00
Matching driven gears for black, pink, yellow or green drive gears $15.00
3 piece mounting kit for drive and driven speedometer gears $5.00


New HEH and RUG toploader ID tags stainless steel w/rivet, stamped. $25.00
Correct for any toploader.
DWT also has a very large supply of original Ford tags in stock call for availability.


We try to keep used original Ford Bellhousings in stock. Call for availability and prices.


3 rails - 5 detents -1 set screw - 1 interlock pin $125.00
Don’t waste a entire week trying to get a toploader with a mis-matched rail kit to work. Just order a new DWT rail kit and the problem is solved.


All snap rings, spacers, all needle bearings, thrust washers, dowel pins, speedometer ball. C springs, all long and short synchronizer inserts, and all detent springs. $40.00


1-2, 3-4 and Reverse
DWT has a large supply of used original Ford Cam and Shafts in stock in like new condition. Your Pick $30.00


DWT now has in stock, the Big input clutch fork C80E. This will work with Mustang, Cougar, Fairlane, Torino, Cyclone, 427 Cobra, Pick-Up Truck and Project Cars. The price of this new fork is $100.00


We have a very large supply of original Ford Toploader tail housings. All tail housings are hot tanked, glass beaded, painted with cast blast, a new bushing, seal and a Stewart Warner air vent is installed. We should have the tail housing you need in stock. Call for prices. NOTE: We take trade-ins on tail housings. Now is the time to get the right tail housing for your next project.


We are no longer a dealer for Hurst shifters. We dropped Hurst shifters when Mr. Gasket sold Hurst to B & M. We still have some new old stock Hurst inventory from Mr. Gasket that we would like to sell at some attractive prices. Very limited supply.


B 4 Rubber boot $25.00
White classic knob $20.00
Hurst T-handle $30.00
1970 - 1971 Hurst/Ford T-handle $35.00
DWT new round rubber boot w/polished stainless
steel ring and stainless steel hardware
Ford shifter knobs by Scott Drake 63-67 style, Falcon
Galaxie, Tiger, Comet, 289 Cobra, Griffith, T.V.R.,
427 Cobra, 64-65 Fairlane, Cyclone, etc.


#391-8789   Falcon & Comet w/B-W, T10 Transmission $300.00


#373-3165  64-65 Falcon & Comet $150.00


The Ford big input bearing retainers caused lots of problems, so we always replaced the Ford big input bearing retainers with a new D.W.T. bearing retainer. We now have a very large supply of original Ford input bearing retainers in stock. We picked out the best ones and re-machined these bearing retainers correctly so they now work perfectly. We also hot tanked, glass beaded, inspected, and installed the correct new seal, also the bearing retainers are supplied with a new gasket. The price of these original Ford bearing retainers ready to use in like new condition is $50.00

We also have a small input version of the Ford bearing retainer for $40.00