Three Piece Modular Input Gear

The DWT three piece modular input gears are available in four different versions. 1 3/8" big input close and wide ratio and 1 1/16" small input close and wide ratio. There are a few things different about our inputs from the original Ford input. Metal alloys have made a lot of advances in the last thirty years. Our gears are machined from 9310 steel alloy the ultimate steel alloy available. We also use the latest technology in machining and heat treating methods. The snout area of the Ford gear for the 390 - 460 motor is 3/4" long, these will only interchange with big block motors. The DWT input has a 1 1/8" snout this will interchange with any Ford motor, six cylinder, small block or big block. The bearing requires no special tools to remove or install like the Ford gear. By not having a tight bearing the life of the bearing is greatly extended. We are making the input in modular form for several reasons. Four modular gears now replace six one piece inputs. Any input can be easily converted to close or wide ratio and to small or large shaft. Another reason is on the stock input gear, if the shaft is rusted, bent or twisted, the bearing or seal surface is pitted, a gear chipped or the small cutch teeth gets damaged then the entire input is bad and gets tossed out. With the DWT input the shaft, gear or clutch teeth can be replaced as needed. Also the modular gear will enable you to use wide ratio gears in your 427, 428, 429 big input transmission. This is something that Ford never offered.

Thank you,
Dan Williams

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